About the Campaign

The SkoolzRulez campaign is a national effort encouraging parents and caregivers to become more engaged in school wellness activities and programs at the local level. Healthier school environments means our students are happier, healthier, and better learners - on the path to successful futures! Schools are already doing so much to help our students, but school wellness efforts are most successful when parents, caregivers, and the community work with the school to create the healthy and safe learning environment that all students deserve.


The campaign is currently being implemented in six communities across the country, with materials specific to their local school wellness priorities. To learn more about what each community is doing to support their students, click below.

Our Priorities

Communities are focused on a variety of school wellness topics which include physical activity at school, safe routes to school, healthy eating, healthy fundraising and attendance. More information will come soon!


Healthy Eating

Healthy Fundraising

Mental Health

Physical Activity

Safe Routes to Schools

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